The Greenhalgh family is moving to Africa to help build a school for orphans

The school

Dayspring Academy is a new full primary school in Kitwe, Zambia’s second city.

Many children in Zambia are unable to access good quality education as their families cannot afford to pay school fees, uniform and equipment.

Dayspring will provide top class education for orphans and all children, regardless of their family’s income or circumstances.

The orphanages

Dayspring runs two orphanages in Kitwe, each with 25 children aged from six to 16+.

Some children have lost their parents but some have been placed in the orphanage by social services because their families have found themselves in the desperately sad situation of being unable to afford to support themselves and their children.

The street feeding project

Dayspring’s community outreach programme, Streetlife Project, serves more than 2,000 meals to children in poor communities.

Why us?

Dayspring needs primary school teachers like Julie to work in the school and communications professionals like Andrew to bring in investment and to share its story with the wider world.

All children have the right to good education regardless of their background and, through Dayspring, we aim to provide that for as many Kitwe children as we can.

We need your help!

We are moving to Kitwe as missionaries. We will not be paid for our work in the school, the two orphanages or the street feeding program.

We are praying that individuals and businesses will sponsor us with a regular monthly payment of any amount.

One-off donations would also be amazing and can be made via our home church, Jubilee Church Wirral. Donating via Jubilee is safe and secure and means you can Gift Aid your donation.

Donate via Jubilee Church Wirral here.

Alternatively, if you would feel more comfortable giving through Go Fund Me, you can do so here.

Find out more about giving here. Or contact us to get involved.

Our story

We are so excited to be given this opportunity to help some of the world’s poorest children in a really practical way using the skills we have developed in this country.

We and our four children know that we will be swapping a comfortable standard of living in Britain for a very different life in Kitwe.

Our blog

We are planning to write regular updates from Kitwe on our work on the school, the orphanages and the street feeding project.

We are also happy to send out updates via email if required and would love to hear back from friends and supporters in the UK.

Please help if you can.

We feel enormously blessed to receive this God-given opportunity but we will not be able to do it without the generosity of friends, family and supporters.