Since announcing our plans, Julie and I have been hugely blessed by individuals, organisations and families in many ways.

Not just financially, but emotionally too. Words really can’t do justice to how loved all the support makes us feel and how grateful we are.

We do realise, though, that many may be asking themselves why exactly they should help a family of six move to Zambia just because they think God has told them to.

The simple fact is, whether you’re a believer or not, giving to Mission Zambia means helping children to get an education. It’s not about giving to us or our church.

Yes, we will be using much of the money we are given to pay for our essentials, such as rent, food and insurance – but that will enable to us to work free of charge in the school.

It means helping children – and it doesn’t get much simpler than that.


We’d love your support.

We’re really excited to have been given the opportunity to move to Kitwe as missionaries. But as we won’t be paid for our work, we would really appreciate it if you might consider helping us.

We are very aware of the financial pressures people are under. But if you feel you could help us financially, there are two ways to get involved. We really need individuals and businesses who would be able to  sponsor us with a regular monthly payment of any amount.

One-off donations would also be amazing and can be made via our home church, Jubilee Church Wirral. Donating via Jubilee is safe and secure and means you can Gift Aid your donation. To donate, please visit

If you do feel you would be able to sponsor us on a monthly basis, please email us at

We really appreciate your prayers and any help you can give us.