In the last week we received an email through our address from a friend who wanted to bless us with a monthly financial donation.

She ended her email with the phrase “What a mighty God we serve”.

We have been almost constantly reminded of that truth in the weeks and months since starting our journey to Zambia.

We have had friends knocking at our door mid-morning with bag-loads of food shopping, friends appearing on Friday nights laden with cakes, sweets and flowers just to show they are thinking of us, friends leaving us with money to help pay for our cracked car windscreen to be repaired and friends blessing us with free childcare so Julie and I can spend some much needed quality time together.

Since the cracked windscreen took our only car off the road for several days, we have also been blessed with friends to drive us hither and thither, ensuring that we haven’t had to miss church or a dear friend’s 60th birthday party (among other things I might add!)
We have also been blessed with many more friends simply praying for us and holding us up to the Lord.

God is in all those people and in all their incredible gestures. None is greater than any other.

None of this is particularly relevant to our journey to Zambia. I have, however, found it hugely encouraging to be constantly reminded that God is with us and is blessing us on every step of all our journeys.

The God we serve is indeed mighty, and He cares for us all more than we can ever imagine.


We’d love your support.

We’re really excited to have been given the opportunity to move to Kitwe as missionaries. But as we won’t be paid for our work, we would really appreciate it if you might consider helping us.

We are very aware of the financial pressures people are under. But if you feel you could help us financially, there are two ways to get involved. We really need individuals and businesses who would be able to  sponsor us with a regular monthly payment of any amount.

One-off donations would also be amazing and can be made via our home church, Jubilee Church Wirral. Donating via Jubilee is safe and secure and means you can Gift Aid your donation. To donate, please visit

If you do feel you would be able to sponsor us on a monthly basis, please email us at or call us on 07714 102661.

We really appreciate your prayers and any help you can give us.