Here at last!

Hello from Zambia!

We finally arrived in Kitwe on September 2 – we’ve been here just over six weeks now – so there’s a lot to catch up on!

During our first month and a half it has been a sheer joy working with the children in Dayspring Academy and getting to know the children from the orphanages.

That said, it has been very busy and quite tough for all of us. We have been struggling with homesickness more than we imagined we would and there have been other issues which we have found hard to deal with. In addition to this, we have been told that we have come at a very hard time for the country as a whole.

For various reasons, Zambia is currently enduring 12-hour power cuts every single day, many of which come during waking hours. We only have power for three evenings out of seven and, for example, yesterday we had no electricity from 10am before it was turned on again from 10pm until 5am. Not the easiest to cope with!

We were blessed when we arrived with being able to stay in the church apartment before moving into our rented house. The house was a real blessing but our time in it didn’t get off to the best start when we discovered an infestation of cockroaches living in our kitchen! Praise God though for the fact that we could move straight back into the apartment for a few days while the house was fumigated. 

It’s October, the hottest month of the year – or so we’re told! – so the heat is pretty tough to cope with (34ºC+) but we are praying that November will bring the rainy season and some much needed respite.

In terms of the work which we came here to do, Julie has started teaching at Dayspring and will soon get really stuck into teaching phonics and more to the eager-to-learn pupils, and I (Andrew) have started working on marketing the school ahead of the new Zambian term in January.

Our children, who are being home-schooled in a spare classroom at Dayspring, are playing with the pupils almost every day and also helping in the after-school reading club which is a joy to watch. Benjy (17) is enjoying life at his international school and is doing well.

As a family we have made some fantastic new friends and have also had some memorable experiences.

All in all, life is very different here to the UK and we are being reminded on a daily and sometimes hourly basis of all the things we take for granted at home.

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Prayer points

If you are a praying person, please join us in prayer

  • We pray for us to continue to adapt to practical issues, such as the electricity and water being turned off quite regularly
  • Please pray for the homesickness to ease, especially for Julie
  • We thank God that the three youngest are adapting to their home-schooling curriculum more day by day; please pray that this will continue
  • We thank God for the finance He has already provided and we continue to pray for increase in that area
  • We’re thanking God that Benjy has settled so quickly into the international school
  • Please pray for our continued protection and safety
  • We thank God for the time we get to spend with the Zambian children, doing the work which He has sent us here to do
  • We thank God for the people whom He has miraculously linked us with in Zambia

Thank you!

We’d love your support.

We’re really excited to have been given the opportunity to move to Kitwe as missionaries. But as we won’t be paid for our work, we would really appreciate it if you might consider helping us.

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